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Flashs that deserve more atention

2007-09-12 00:45:00 by JACK-IN-THE-DARK

Here are 2 flashs that could use a little more views.

1: Multiplayer Jelly Battle

Damn, probaly the best online game on NG and its not in any collection.

BTW, after a time the game gonna ask to register a accont to keelp playing, just digit a random username and a random email to keep playing.

2: Gher

Just because i think its the best dance EVER!!!!1111


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2007-09-12 02:27:00

I like that Jelly Battle game too, but it was incredibly lame how it made you give your contact information to advertisers after only 3 rounds if you wanted to continue, so that's all the play I got out of it.

JACK-IN-THE-DARK responds:

ye, that sucs, but if you out a random username and a random email it let you keep playing, at least worked for me =p


2007-09-12 09:21:23

Thank you! Your suggestions have been noted!
Thank you! Your suggestions have been noted!

Here's another multiplayer game! /391811


2007-09-12 09:24:26

I just front paged Jelly Battle and added it to the Multiplayer games page... Tough call with advergames sometimes, but a good game is a good game.

As for Gher... I ALMOST front paged it the first time around, but I had just put up a lot of new stuff. Your post reminded me that it should still get a shot, so now it has :)

JACK-IN-THE-DARK responds:

yé, hard to decide if Jelly Battle deserve the front or not because of the advertisers,
but i seen a lot of demo games here on NG, this is almost like a demo, but instead of buying the complete game, you just need to register a account, and not even need to confirm the email.
Now let me celebrate the frontPage of gher by doing the Gher dance! OW YÉ!


2007-09-12 10:47:33

This reminds me of how great a site NG is, that people actually listen xD

Jelly battle was good, advertisements are fine, but blocking the game till you register is very questionable.

Thanks for Gher, I didn't notice it before, it was quite funny :)


2007-09-12 17:09:18

Jelly battle is fun, but it gets boring after a while.


2007-10-16 20:20:26

have you seen this? /405408

please submit to videogame parodies


2008-08-19 16:53:26



2008-10-02 05:38:41

the jelly thing was funny for a little bit. but really the best game is /450670